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Scope, Paper type, Format

Format for Body:

- Papers prepared in MS-WORD (doc) formats may be submitted electronically to AISS's web site. In order to submit the paper, you have to be registered in our web site.
- Please strictly follow the designated format for AISS. To download the template file click here(DOC)
- Manuscripts submitted to this journal will be deemed as they have not been published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
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Paper Types:

We invite you to submit a paper should be written at least 6 pages (except "References") in the journal Format.

Scope and Topics

Topics of interest are specified on the scope and topics page. High quality submissions are invited for technical papers describing original unpublished results of theoretical, empirical, conceptual or experimental research. Papers should describe a new contribution to AISS and should support claims of novelty with citations to the relevant literature.

Topic 1: ISC: Issues on Service Computing
Topic 2: IIS: Issues on Information Science
Topic 3: ISE: Issues on Communication, energy-efficiency in Communication/Ubiquitous Computing/WSN/Mobile Network, Network and Electronics
Topic 4: IMS: Issues on Information Management and Service
Topic 5: IICS: Issues on Industry and Convergence Science

ISC: Issues on Service Computing

- Service Computing Process Modeling, Transformation and Integration
- Knowledge Sharing and Modeling
- Social, Ethical & Other Issues of Networked World
- Human and Technology
- Digital Human Modeling
- Education and Information Science
- Culture and Information Science
- WWW, Semantic Web and Cyber World
- Web Services, Semantic Grid and Web 2.0
- Mass Media and Communication Science
- Performance and Reliability of Service-oriented Applications
- Mobile Computing
- High Performance Computing
- E-Learning, E-Commerce, E-Society, etc
- Metadata, Ontology, and Provenance
- Gaming Technologies, SW, Processors
- Personal Communication System
- Multimedia Communication, Technologies, SW, Processors
- Graphics and VR/AR/MR Service System
- Ubiquitous Computing
- Networked Computing
- Logistics, Supply-chain and Operations Models
- Health Care Service System

IIS: Issues on Information Science

- Service-oriented Framework and Middleware
- Software Architecture Design and Deployment (software as a service, SaaS)
- Distributed and Large-Scale Data Access and Management
- Performance Measurement and Modelling
- Programming Tools and Environments
- Distributed Problem Solving
- Traditional and Novel Data Processing
- Recent Issues on Software Engineering
- Recent Issues on Knowledge and Security Science
- Language Processing
- Security, Privacy, Trust and Rights Management
- Copy and Redistribution Protection
- Trusted Computing, Transactions
- Parental Control
- Legal and Regulatory Issues
- Fault-tolerant and Dependable System
- Multi-agent System and Applications
- Parallel/Distributed Algorithm and Architecture
- Distributed Database and Data Mining
- Ubiquitous Intelligence and Smart World
- Smart Object, Space/Environment and System
- Distributed AI and Soft/Natural Computing
- Parallel and distributed computing including cluster and grid computing
- Software development, maintenance and evolution
- Scientific computing and applied computer mathematics

ISE: Issues on Communication, Network and Electronics

- Wearable Network and System
- Innovative Networking and Applications
- Home Networking; Control, Applications
- New Technology on Home Appliances
- Network: Bridges, Architectures, Algorithms, Standards and Applications
- Automotive AV & Networking
- Home Building Control, Applications
- Robotics
- Mechatronics
- Application Devices, Convergent Devices
- Monitoring, Management and Organization Tools
- Middleware and Toolkits
- Embedded System and Networking
- Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Network
- Mobile and Context-aware Computing
- Ubiquitous/Pervasive Networks and Computing
- Network Performance Analysis and Evaluation
- Internet Technology and IP-based Applications
- Autonomic Computing and Communication
- Communication Protocol and Architecture
- High-speed Communication and Network
- Wireless Communication and Network
- Image/Video: Signal, Standards, Processing, Codecs, Distribution, Algorithm and Applications
- Audio: Standards, Receiver, Coding, Transmission and Applications
- Home Media Server
- Device Usability/Complexity
- Display: Devices, Color, Algorithm, Enhancement, Techniques and Applications
- Development and Deployment of Service-oriented Network Applications
- Application of SOC in Network Management and Scheduling
- Network Monitoring using Service-oriented Technologies
- Overlay networks and P2P Architectures
- Wireless Networks and SOC
- SOC in Voice over IP (VoIP) Services

IMS: Issues on Information Management and Service

- Human Interface and the Management of Information
- Utility Business Services
- Creation and Management of Virtual Enterprises and Organizations
- Resource Management, Scheduling, and Runtime Environments
- Services Modeling
- Service-oriented Business Consulting Methodologies and Utilities
- Services Delivery
- Forecasting, Policy Model, Evolution of Market Structure and Business Dynamics
- Economical and Financial Models for Government, Enterprise and Household.
- Services Value Chain and Innovation Lifecycle
- Mathematical Foundation of Business Process Modeling, Integration and Management
- Enterprise Modeling
- Business Performance Management
- Security, Privacy and Trust in Business Process Management
- Application Integration Services
- Service Level Automation and Orchestration
- Industry Solution Patterns
- Linkage Between IT Services and Business Services
- E-business Solutions
- Service Integration
- E-commerce Systems and Applications
- Collaborative Models and Architecture
- Trust Issues in Business and Management
- Policy Models and Policy Management for Business and Management
- Policy and Government
- Economics of Security and Privacy
- Consumer Behavior
- Inter-culture and Globalization Aspects of Business and Management
- Innovative Marketing Practice and Methods in Business and Management
- Online Consumer Behavior
- Consumer Behavior Modeling
- Consumer Value Creation
- Virtual Community

IICS: Issues on Industry and Convergence Science

- SOA Industry Standards
- SOA Industry Solutions
- Engineering Psychology and Cognitive Ergonomics
- Futurology and IT
- Energy and IT: Modeling and Renewable Energy Technologies
- Energy and IT: Applications to Building Services, High Efficiency Power Systems
- Energy and IT: Green Technology , Transportation, Planning, Financial Models
- Environment and IT
- Automobile and IT
- Construction and IT
- Defense and IT
- Shipbuilding and IT
- Health/ Bio. and IT: Ergonomics and Health Aspects of Work with Computers
- Agriculture and IT
- Science and IT
- Application Science and IT
- Electrical Machinery, Appliances and IT
- eScience and eBusiness Applications
- Theoretical and Empirical Computational Engineering and Management Models
- Modeling and Simulation of Management in Emerging Technology and Industry
- Computational Environment, Energy Systems and Environmental Impact Assessment
- Scientific, Industrial and Social Implications