Enhancing the Routing Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks using Connected Dominating Sets

Paramasivan.B* Corresponding author, K.Mohaideen Pitchai *1, Dr. S.Radha Krishnan*2
Department of CSE, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.
*1Senior Lecturer, Department of CSE, National Engineering College, Kovilpatti.
*2 Professor & Head, Department of CSE, KalasalingamUniversity, Srivilliputhur.
bparamasivan@yahoo.co.in, kmopi786@yahoo.com, drsrk@indiatimes.com

Published in:

JCIT (Journal of Convergence Information Technology)
Volume 3 Issue 3, September, 2008
Pages 27-31
ISSN 1975-9320 (Print) 2233-9299 (Online)
GlobalCIS (Convergence Information Society, Republic of Korea)

Many prominent applications in wireless sensor networks require collected information has to be routed to end nodes in an efficient manner. In general, Connected Dominating Set (CDS) based routing is a promising approach for enhancing the routing efficiency in sensor networks. Our idea is to generate a quality based CDS algorithm, which can resolve the standing issues like cardinality, risk factor, node failures, redundant links and network dynamics. We report a systematic approach, which has three phases. Initial phase considers the issues of revoking a partial CDS tree from a complete CDS tree. Secondary and final phases make the design of the complete algorithm by considering the elimination of dominant-act nodes using an iteration process. Our findings reveal better performance than the existing algorithms in terms of hop count, CDS size and density.

Cardinality, dominant-act, dominating set, routing, wireless sensor networks

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