Comparison between Hysteresis and Space Vector PWM of Shunt Active Power Filter Based on Prediction Harmonic Current Extrac

Mona M. Mamdouh , Ahmed A. Mansour , Maged N.F.Nashed, Ahmed F.Zobaa, Essam E.Abou Elzahab
1,2,3 Electronic Research Institute, Cairo
4 Brunel University, United Kingdom
5 Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University,

Published in:

JNIT (Journal of Next Generation Information Technology)
Volume 5 Issue 2, May, 2014
Pages 9-19
ISSN 2092-8637 (Print) 2233-9388 (Online)
GlobalCIS (Convergence Information Society, Republic of Korea)

Harmonic distortion is the most power quality problem. The harmonic problems in the power supply are caused by non-linear loads. Many researches have been done to mitigate harmonics. This paper presents a shunt active power filter with prediction harmonic current extraction technique using Hysteresis Pulse Width Modulation (HPWM) and Space vector Pulse Width Modulation(SVPWM) for power conditioning in distribution systems.

Harmonic Currents, Shunt Active Power Filter, Hysteresis PWM, Space Vector PWM, Prediction Technique.

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