Taxonomy to Support Traceability System for Smart Disclosure of Halal Product Information

1Djoko Sigit Sayogo, 2Sri Budi Cantika Yuli, 3Yuda Munarko, 4Idah Zuhroh
1 First Author & ,Corresponding AuthorUniversitas Muhammadiyah Malang,
Address: Jl. Raya Tlogomas no. 246, Malang, 65144
2,3,4Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang,,,

Published in:

JNIT (Journal of Next Generation Information Technology)
Volume 8 Issue 4, December, 2017
Pages 29-38
ISSN 2092-8637 (Print) 2233-9388 (Online)
GlobalCIS (Convergence Information Society, Republic of Korea)

This paper aims to depict taxonomy of Halal certification process as the beginning step in constructing ontology to support the integration of heterogeneous data points across the supply chain. This study proposes that the taxonomy would be the first step to enable two major uses, namely: integration and standardization. The resulting ontology is envisioned to support knowledge discovery and sharing by synthesizing information across disparate data sources that are valuable for informing data-driven policy formulation, in particular for Halal certification domain. The taxonomy also represents the initial effort to supports standardization of an agreed set of terms and semantics for currently fragmented Halal certification and inspection schemes. The internal consistency of the proposed taxonomy is verified by using current reasoning tools to run queries based on a set of predefined competency questions. The resulting taxonomy will provide the preliminary step to enable the provision of a tool to promote transparency and trust in certification systems.

Taxonomy, Online traceability, Halal certification, Indonesia

2017 Article
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