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Call For Special Issues

IJACT encourages the submission of collections of papers on topics of interest for the journal. Such Special Issues, introduced by an Editorial by the Guest Editor, will be published in issues containing in additional regular articles.

- Proposals from researchers significantly involved and recognized in their field will be considered.
- Members of the Editorial Board are especially welcome to guest edit a Special Issues/ Section.
- Special Issues may originate from a conference or workshop, or may offer a selection of papers devoted to a specialized topic.
- Thus authors may either be invited to contribute, as in the case of selected conference papers, or else may be alerted to the possibility to submit their papers by a Call for Papers, that may also be added to the journal's website.
- The Call for Papers must include a rationale for the Special Section, keywords for relevant topics, and a time schedule for the reviewing process, including a deadline for submission of papers.

Responsibilities of the Guest Editor

Once the Special Issue is agreed upon, the Guest Editor will be in charge of inviting papers or receiving submissions, and of supervising the refereeing process. Authors should submit their Special Issue papers by e-mail. Each paper must be refereed by at least two experts in the field, and must undergo revision steps when necessary.

MENU) Submit Proposal

Gusest Editors are cordially invited to submit proposal for special issues via website. Please click the button below and submit your proposal.
After proposal submission, Editor-in-chief will send you the accepted letter upon consideration.

GUIDANCE) Special Issue Publication Procedure: [DOWNLOAD]