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Charge for Publication and Subscription

- Publication Charge:
  As GlobalCIS journals are open access journal which do not sell published papers and offer all published papers free of cost to all members, researchers, libraries, organizations, companies and universities. Author should pay the publication fee of accepted paper by author's orgnanization/university/institute/company or research funds.

- Page Limitation:
  Do not exceed 12 pages for each paper with the GlobalCIS template (Click here to download the template), or author should pay 50 usd for each exceeded page.

- Handling Charge for submission:
  There is no handling charge for paper submission.

Charge for Publication and Regular Price

The papers accepted for publication will be processed further toward publication after the authors pay the publication charge. The method of payment is by "Bank Wire Transfer" or "Credit Card" in the journal system. After the publication the corresponding author will receive an e-file of the final form of the paper.

• Publication Methods: Online

• Payment Methods:

  - Bank Wire Transfer (USD, EURO, JPY and KRW available)
- Credit Card (USD and KRW available): in the journal system [ not available now ]

Charge for Publication (e-Copy Only)

• Delivery for an e-Copy: by email and web (Final Edited Paper)

e-Copy: Charge for General / Special Issue's Paper:
  - 480 USD (up to 12 pages, International author)
  - 490,000 KRW (up to 12 pages, Korean(only for a domestic affiliation(in Korea))

e-Copy: Charge for Editor's Paper:
  - 450 USD (up to 12 pages, International author)
  - 460,000 KRW (up to 12 pages, Korean(only for a domestic affiliation(in Korea)))

※ Developing Countries Discount Policy)
Please note that the discount policy will be only give to authors of developing countries and the paper will be published as e-copy publication.

Developing Countries include Iran, India, Iraq, Philippines, Pakistan.
But, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil are not included.
If you would like to know whether your country is included, please contact us by e-mail (

e-Copy: Charge for accepted General / Special Issue's Paper:
  - 250 USD (up to 12 pages, Developing Countries' Authors)

* EURO, JPY available, Please check your currency exchange rate

For more details, please check the "Publication Process" in the journal menu.