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Please remember duplicated submission is strictly forbidden.

: Duplicate submissions (same papers submitted to the other GlobalCIS) are strictly forbidden; if detected, these submissions will be unconditionally rejected.

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- Publication : Quarterly (March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, December 15th)
- Review : in 3 weeks - 4 weeks (according to reviewers' review)
- Publication for accepted paper : 2-3 months after completing the publication process by the corresponding author (Please see the publication process at the main menu)

Notice: Please read all publication policies and follow the publication process at the main website before paper submission: GlobalCIS Journals are peer reviewed international journals by 5 reviewers(1 managing editor(prescreening), 1-2 editors(general review), 1 invited reviewers and 2 recommended reviewers(general review)) and every review process is controlled strictly according to the journal's guideline.

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Authors cite the references of other papers during paper submission. If the cited references don't have exact information as below(especially, material's name, published year, issue and page no), there can be a problem of uncitable references when indexed on citation institute. Therefore, we strictly urge you to check the references carefully and indicate the exact information for them on your paper.

[1] Author1_Name, Author2_Name, "Paper Title", Journal Title, Publisher, vol.00, no.0, pp.00-00(page), Year.
[2] Author1_Name, Author2_Name, "Book Title", Publisher, Country, Year.
[3] Author1_Name, Author2_Name, "Paper Title", In Proceedings of the GlobalCIS Symposium(Conference Name) on Internet Technology, pp.00-00(page), Year.

If you are a non-native speaker and/or not comfortable in English, please check and review your English/Sentences more carefully before submission. We recommend you to check the sentences, grammar and etc of your paper through below complementary websites before submitting.

(English Grammar Checker:

General condition for acceptance:

- High level score by editors and at least 1 review(s) reliable/reasonable by recommended reviewer(s): Accept
- Not high level score by editors and at least 2 reviews with reliable/reasonable revision comment by recommended reviewer(s): Accept
- Not good level score by editors and at least 2 reviews with reliable/reasonable revision comment by recommended reviewer(s): Accept with Revision
- Not good level score by editors and reviews with no reliable revision comment by recommended reviewer(s): Reject

Copyright Notice

Dear Authors,

For successful publication in the IJACTs, your agreement is required. Please carefully read the terms of this license. Please understand that submission of the FINAL version of your paper to the IJACT online system means that you and all co-authors of this paper agree to the terms of license. A copyright form is not required for confirmation.

Submitting your paper to the IJACT means that you grant us the exclusive right to reproduce and/or distribute your article in a whole (including abstract and references) throughout the world in electronic, printed or any other medium. You agree that we at any time may publish your article, and that we may sell or distribute it, on its own, or with other related material.

The paper that authors submit to the IJACT must be an original work, never published earlier in any medium and not currently under consideration for publication. Authors guarantee to the best of your knowledge that your paper does not contain anything that may be considered illegal, libelous or infringes other organization/publisher/party’s copyright. Authors must also guarantee that authors have the unrestricted permission of the owner of any copyrighted material that you use in the paper. This guarantee should be clearly acknowledged in the text. After the paper has been submitted and accepted for publication, the author may use the paper just as any other academic material.

We guarantee to respect all the rights of the authors. We will make sure that the authors’ names are clearly and promptly associated with the published work. Apart from some necessary editorial changes that are required for publication following our official standard, we will not make any substantial alterations to the papers without discussing it with the author.

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