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Publication - Vol.10 No.1 (Apr. 2019)
Publication for 2019, Quarterly(End of Jan, April, Ju ...
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Publication - Vol.9 No.1 (Jun. 2018)

General Editors-in-Chief (EiC)
Dr. Kae Dal Kwack (IEEE Korea Council Chair (Former) /IEEE Seoul Section Chair (Former), Korea)
Dr. Franz Ko (Convergence Information Society, Korea / IBC, UK)

In this decade, with advancements in data mining, many new models and tools in discovering knowledge and extracting intelligence brought forth revolutionary developments in information technology (IT) applications in business world as well as other industries. Some examples are intelligent agents, knowledge-driven trading systems, optimized scheduler for logistics, decision support systems, forecasting applications, and other emerging collective intelligence applications such as Web 2.0. Data mining can be viewed as the core underlying techniques that enable the IT applications with actionable intelligence and knowledge. While Data Mining evolves with innovative learning algorithms and knowledge discovery techniques, IT applications harness the results of data mining for becoming more intelligent than ever.

IJEI, which stands for International Journal of Engineering and Industries, is a platform for the research directions to converge. It aims to provide an intellectual forum for researchers in academia, and practitioners and engineers from IT industries to present their latest research findings and to identify future challenges in this novel combination of research areas.

IJEI serves as a convergent point for sparking new ideas and generating new synergies from expert fields.

  • - Issues on Computers/ Hybrid IT
  • - Issues on Communications/ Network
  • - Issues on HCI/ Cognitive Sciences/ System aided Education
  • - Issues on Games/ Multimedia
  • - Issues on System/ Mechatronics/ Mechanical Engineering
  • - Issues on Industrial Engineering
  • - Issues on Business/ Management/ Financials
  • - Issues on Electrical Engineering
  • - Issues on Electronics
  • - Issues on Civil Engineering
  • - Issues on Bio. Engineering/ Bioinformatics
  • - Issues on Medical Engineering
  • - Issues on Energy/ Environmental Engineering
  • - Issues on Culture and Engineering
  • - Issues on Technologies in Design and Space
  • - Other Issues on Hybrid Engineering and/or Industries
Authors are cordially invited to submit papers in IJEI's web site. In order to submit the paper, you have to be registered in our web site. If you have some problems with paper submission or with registration in IJEI's web site, please feel free to contact us(

Paper Types:
We welcome all kinds of the papers, reports and articles which can give meaningful information to other authors/members.

- Original Research papers
- Technical Reports
- Technical Articles
- Surveys and/or Analysis of the New Trends

We invite you to submit a paper should be written at least 6 pages (except "References") in the journal Format.


  • Papers will only be published in English.
  • Each typescript must be accompanied by a statement that it has not been submitted for publication elsewhere in English.
  • Previous presentation at a conference, or publication in another language, should be disclosed.
  • All papers are refereed, and the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse any typescript, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.
Typescripts which have been accepted become the property of CIS. It is a condition of acceptance that copyright shall be vested in CIS.

Publication and Review Period

- Quarterly (4 times in a year)

- 4-6 weeks, by 3-4 reviewers

Call for Colleagues (Associate Editors-in-Chief, Editors, Editors-in-Chief of Topics)
We are inviting some scholars who serve the journal as editors, associate editors-in-chief and editors-in-chief of topics. If you want to be colleagues, please visit the website and submit your information. For more details, please visit the menus and see the conditions.

- Call for Editors and Associate Editors-in-Chief:
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