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Publication - Vol.8 No.1 (Jun. 2018)
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Publication - Vol.6 No.2 (Dec. 2016)

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General Editor-in-Chief (EiC)

Dr. Kenji Suzuki (The University of Chicago, USA)


The International Journal of Intelligent Information Processing (IJIIP) is a high-quality, peer-reviewed scientific journal published four times a year. The goal of the IJIIP is to provide an international forum for research results in the rapidly growing field of intelligent information processing. The IJIIP publishes original research as well as survey, review, and tutorial papers in the field. The IJIIP encourages the submission of high-quality papers that advance knowledge in and contribute to the field. The special focus of the IJIIP is on applications of novel intelligent computational/information technologies and results of applied intelligent-information-processing sciences.


Intelligent information processing is a rapidly growing, promising area. The IJIIP provides a forum for fundamentals of and advances in intelligent-information-processing sciences and technologies, as well as opportunities to exchange knowledge that bridges the gap between novel technologies and novel applications in intelligent information processing. The IJIIP performs its mission of promoting high-level research efforts and novel applications through specialized journal issues as well as regular issues.

The IJIIP strives to maintain its status as a high-quality scientific journal that gathers the best research results throughout the world. The IJIIP builds a solid foundation for the development and advancement of intelligent information processing. We believe that research results published in the IJIIP will inspire and motivate scholars to pursue further research and development and thus to advance the field of intelligent information processing.

Intelligent information processing constitutes many important topics which create excellent opportunities for novel research. We sincerely support the development and advancement of science and technology in intelligent information processing. Thus, we welcome diverse innovative ideas toward the advancement of this goal. With this journal, we build a foundation for fulfillment of the most brilliant, promising ideas in this area.


Our mission is to publish outstanding research results of researchers from all around the world in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, present new ideas. We believe that global nature of our journal, active participation of most prominent authors and cutting edge ideas will create a stimulating atmosphere for further active development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Intelligent Information Processing.

We believe that developments in the fields of Intelligent Information Processing directly influences development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research. Thus, by publishing this journal we see our mission in enabling further considerable advancements in the fields of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research.

Our aim is to gather and share innovative ideas, precious knowledge and unique experiences for mutual benefit of researchers and explore possible prospects for development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Intelligent Information Processing.