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Authors are requested to submit their papers using the Submission system
The authors will receive the review results in one month.

We would recommend the designated format for IJIPM: To download the template file(instructions) click here(DOC).

Submission for General
(General Paper Submission for All Authors)
Submission for Journal Editor
(Paper Submission only for Journal Editors)
Final Paper Submission for the Special Issue
(Selected Paper for the Special Issue on the Conference/
Accepted Paper by the Guest Editor of Special Issue)
Submission for Invited Paper
(Only for the Papers invited by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal)
Submission for Accepted Paper by Topic Editor-in-Chief
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Please remember duplicated submission is strictly forbidden.

: Duplicate submissions (same papers submitted to the other GlobalCIS) are strictly forbidden; if detected, these submissions will be unconditionally rejected.

Publication and Review Information

- Publication : Quarterly (March 15th, June 15th, September 15th, December 15th)
- Review : 4-6 weeks, by 3-4 reviewers

Notice: Please read all publication policies and follow the publication process at the main website before paper submission: GlobalCIS Journals are peer reviewed international journals by 5 reviewers(1 managing editor(prescreening), 1-2 editors(general review), 1 invited reviewers and 3 recommended reviewers(general review)) and every review process is controlled strictly according to the journal's guideline.

- Review Process
- Paper Format
- Charge for Publication
- Copyright Notice
- Publication Process

Authors cite the references of other papers during paper submission. If the cited references don't have exact information as below(especially, material's name, published year, issue and page no), there can be a problem of uncitable references when indexed on citation institute. Therefore, we strictly urge you to check the references carefully and indicate the exact information for them on your paper.

[1] Author1_Name, Author2_Name, "Paper Title", Journal Title, Publisher, vol.00, no.0, pp.00-00(page), Year.
[2] Author1_Name, Author2_Name, "Book Title", Publisher, Country, Year.
[3] Author1_Name, Author2_Name, "Paper Title", In Proceedings of the GlobalCIS Symposium(Conference Name) on Internet Technology, pp.00-00(page), Year.

If you are a non-native speaker and/or not comfortable in English, please check and review your English/Sentences more carefully before submission. We recommend you to check the sentences, grammar and etc of your paper through below complementary websites before submitting.

(English Grammar Checker:


  1. Register in our system.
  2. Find Step1: Paper Submission of Paper Submission and Publication Process Menu.
  3. Click on Step1: Paper Submission. It will navigate you to page with different paper submission types: Special Issues and General Submissions
  4. Select appropriate option.
  5. Fill out appropriate fields on the next page.
  6. Once you sumbit your paper, it will be reviewed in 4-6 weeks.
  7. After the review you may be required to revise your paper.
  8. If your paper is accepted you will need to pay the publication fee.
  9. After paying all the fees you need to submit Final-Camera-Ready version of the paper.