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Contact email address is changed. 2015-04-30
AICIT co-organizing the most honorable IEEE annual event "HMPC" in Korea 2013-01-10
JNIT will be cited to the Scopus soon ! 2012-09-06
Honored to invite Dr. Jung-Woong Ra, as Special Guest Speaker for ICCNT2012 (INC, ICCIS and ICMIC) 2012-08-24
AICIT implement GCMO which is one of creative Global Creative Mathematics Olympiad 2012-07-20
(To members) IJREA web system is now available. 2012-07-20
Current AICIT Member Countries and the Actual Membership - 04/07/2012 2012-07-05
International Math Olympiad(Chairman is Dr. Franz Ko)'s awards have been sponsored in SBS's soap opera Korea TV show. 2012-04-19
Dr. Franz Ko(Chair of AICIT) served as Chairman of the International Mathmatics Olympiad organized by USA in Korea section. 2012-03-15
AICIT Strictly Prohibits Paper Submission through unauthorized Websites 2012-01-16
IEEE Seoul Section Appointed Dr. Franz Ko, Chair of AICIT to Lifetime Achievement Award 2012-01-10
Current AICIT Member Countries and the Actual Membership 2011-12-28
Congratulations! AICIT's 10 publications have been added to EBSCO. 2011-09-05
About AICIT Conferences 2011-08-05
To members of IJREA: Congratulations! All 10 publications have been added to Ulrich's. 2011-06-10
AICIT Conferences are the one and only conferences sponsored by IEEE, IEEE Korea Council and IEEE Seoul Section. 2011-03-21
Dr. Franz Ko, General Director of AICIT appointed as the Embassy of Korea 2011-03-21
IJREA Launching in February 2011-03-21