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Honored to invite Dr. Jung-Woong Ra, as Special Guest Speaker for ICCNT2012 (INC, ICCIS and ICMIC)
Write : IJREA        Date : 2012-08-24
Honored to invite Dr. Jung-Woong Ra, as Special Guest Speaker for ICCNT2012 (INC, ICCIS and ICMIC)

AICIT hosts 2012 8th International Conference on Computing and Networking Technology (ICCNT2012) in Gyeongju, the heritage of Korean culture, from Aug 27th to 29th. With much support and interest from the members, all the AICIT-hosted conferences have been successfully rooted its place as the most prestigious international conference representing Asia, where passionate scholars around the world gathered for exchanging and discussing their studies and research.

In ICIDT2012 held in June, Dr. Jong B. Lee, a director researcher in KEIT (Korea Institute of Industrial Technology Evaluation and Planning) as a keynote speaker and Dr. Hye Seok Seo, a former member of the National Assembly all honored the conference with their presence. In ICCNT2012 of Aug, Dr. Jung-Woong Ra, from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), who was a former president of GIST and made consistent contribution to Korean scientific development, will give a keynote speech.

ICCNT2012 Keynote Speaker, Dr. Jung-Woong Ra

Jung-Woong Ra, Ph. D graduated from Seoul National University with a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering. He received a Master’s degree and Ph.D in Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. He joined KAIST in 1971 as one of the chartered Professors in electrical engineering. He contributed to the electrical engineering in KAIST to be an international department. Moreover, he was the 3rd president of GIST (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology) and he is recognized for his contribution to GIST in developing as specialized university in research.

GIST(Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology)

GIST was founded in 1993 by the Korean government to meet the nation's demand for advanced research as well as to enhance the development of higher education in science and engineering. Moreover, GIST takes a leading role in performing research and development in cooperation with industrial sectors. According to this year's evaluation of universities' competitiveness by a British global university-evaluating agency QS, GIST surpassed the world-renowned MIT to be ranked 12th in terms of the number of citation per faculty member and also maintained No.1 in Asia for three consecutive years

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