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Downloading my Invoice and Payment for Publication

Payment for the Publication Steps:

Step1: Check the "Charge Information" and make my "Registration Form for Publication"

To check the "registration information" and download your "registration form for publication" please follow the instructions (step1-1 and 1-2) below.

Step1-1) Check the Charge Information: CHARGE INFORMATION

The papers accepted for publication will be processed further toward publication after the authors pay the publication charge. The method of payment is by "Bank Wire Transfer" or "Credit Card" in the journal system.

Payment Methods:

1) Bank Wire Transfer (USD, EURO, JPY and KRW are available): at author's local bank
2) Credit Card (USD and KRW available): in the journal system [ not available now ]

Charge for Publication:

- Invited Paper by Editor-in-Chief: Waived or USD200 (230,000KRW)
- Charge for Special Issue's Paper: USD400 / 460,000KRW / EURO, JPY available (Check your currency exchange rate.)
- Charge for General Paper: USD400 / 460,000KRW / EURO, JPY available (Check your currency exchange rate.)
- Charge for Editor's paper: USD300 / 340,000KRW / EURO, JPY available (Check your currency exchange rate.)

Step1-2) Check the Charge Information:

To make your "Registration Form for Publication" please follow the instructions below.

1) Download the blank "registration form for publication".

(Please click here !!)

2) Complete the form with your payment (registration) information.

3) Print this registration form to pay.

4) Now you can register (pay) the accepted paper(s) by bank wire transfer or payment by your credit card. Please go to the next registration step!!

Step2: Payment

1) In case of Bank Wire Transfer:

## Please pay 25 usd more if you/your bank staff can't calculate the exact interbank charge.

Go to Bank with your "Registration Form". => Pay your registration fee => Upload your registration information to the journal web site.

(For International Author)
Account Number (Beneficiary): 518-044955-56-00013
Bank Name: Industrial Bank of Korea
Branch: CENTUM
Bank Address: 1498 U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea
Beneficiary's Address: Centum jungang-ro 90, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea

Comments: Please include your paper id. and title in comments when you pay the registration fee in your bank

After Payment please go to the next STEP to upload your payment document to confirm right now.

(Only for Korean)
Bank Account Number: 518-044955-04-013
Bank Name: Industrial Bank of Korea (중소기업은행)
Beneficiary's Name: AICIT

This is an official bank account for AICIT

2) Payment by the Western Union:
    If you can't pay your publication/registration fee by bank or credit card, you can pay it by the Western Union. But as you know, the additional charges for the Western Union are more expensive than other payment method. Author should pay all additional charges. Please, any kinds of deductions are not allowed to complete the publication/registration process.

    When you complete the transfer, please fill out your payment information to the registration from and submit the registration form to the system asap.
    1) Sender(author, payer) Information: We need these information to confirm your payment in the bank.
      - Last Name:
      - First Name:
      - Phone Number:
      - Nation(Country):

    2) Receiver Information: Author need these information to send the registration/publication fee.
      - Last Name: KO
      - First Name: IL SEOK
      - City/State: Busan/Gyeongnam
      - Country(Nation): South Korea
      - Address: Centum jungang-ro 90, Haeundae-gu, Busan, Korea
      - Phone: International: +82-70-7730-9170, Domestic: 070-7730-9170

    3) MTCN(Money Transfer Control Number):

    4) Transfer Number:
      ** All extra charge should be paid by sender.
3) In Case of Credit Card payment:
Check your "Registration Form" one more time. => You can pay your registration fee by online payment with your credit card with easy instructions.
- Note: Only USD and KRW are available.
- Please remember your transaction id(tid). Which you can take to your email address from the card transaction company (Paygate Inc.) when you success your payment.
To pay your registration fee, please click your case below!!

not available now

not available now

After Payment please go to the STEP to upload your registration document to confirm right now.

Any payment cancellation is impossible due to an author's request.