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About PCM(Program Committee Member) of the GlobalCIS International Conferences

Invitation to the member of International Program Committee

We courteously invite professors/scholars/engineers as a member of International Program Committee of premium and world-class international conferences organized by GlobalCIS.

GlobalCIS's conferences are well-known world class International conferences.
We will continue to strengthen our position as one of the leading research groups in the world. Moreover, we will do our best in developing and enhancing new ideas and positions that would make GlobalCIS's international conferences much more significant and important to your scientific career.

We courteously ask you to keep an eye on GlobalCIS's international conferences. Moreover, we are looking forward to your support so that GlobalCIS's international conferences could grow into higher class international conferences and could share the best of knowledge with all of you.

Eligibility for Program Committee Member:
  • must hold a PhD degree from accredited academic institution AND
  • must have a high level experiences and knowledge in some specific topics/scopes.

Responsibilities of Program Committee Member:
Main responsibilities of PC member include:
  • (Most important) Distributing the calls for papers in your group/department and reviewing at least 2 papers for each GlobalCIS's international conference.
  • Promoting GlobalCIS's international conferences in the areas of your professional influence and interest.
  • Assuring high academic and professional standards of GlobalCIS's international conferences including prevention of multiple submissions and plagiarism.

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