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Call for Papers

Honorary Editor-in-Chief
Dr. Kae Dal Kwack (IEEE Korea Council Chair (Former) /IEEE Seoul Section Chair (Former), Korea)

General Editor-in-Chief (EiC)
Dr. Franz Ko (Convergence Information Society, Korea / IBC, UK)


The goal of the RNIS is to publish peer reviewed original research result-oriented, survey, review, tutorial papers in the various fields of Information Science.

High quality submissions that advance the research and that contribute something new to the literature on Computing & Information Technology are encouraged. The special focus of the RNIS forum is to publish path-breaking applications and applied research results.


Nowadays, the fields of Information Science are facing more challenges than ever. RNIS oversees fundamental advances and extraordinary opportunities for novel and future oriented applications. RNIS will continue its mission of promoting high level research efforts and novel applications through specialized journal issues.

RNIS strives to maintain its status as a genuine high quality scientfic journal that gathers best research results all over the world. We hope to build solid foundation for further development of Information Science. We believe that research results published in RNIS will inspire and motivate scholars to pursue further research for the dynamic development of Information and Communication Technologies.

Information Science constitute many important topics for novel and future oriented research. In this journal we sincerely hope to support further development of research and technologies in Information Science. Moreover, we welcome diverse innovative ideas towards the development of Information Science. We hope that with the help of this journal we will be able to build sufficient grounds for fulfillment of most brilliant and promising ideas in this area.


Our mission is to publish outstanding research results of researchers from all around the world in order to exchange knowledge and experiences, present new ideas. We believe that global nature of our journal, active participation of most prominent authors and cutting edge ideas will create a stimulating atmosphere for further active development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Information Science.

We believe that developments in the fields of Information Science directly influences development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research. Thus, by publishing this journal we see our mission in enabling further considerable advancements in the fields of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research.

Our aim is to gather and share innovative ideas, precious knowledge and unique experiences for mutual benefit of researchers and explore possible prospects for development of Multidisciplinary and Hybrid/Convergent research in the areas of Information Science.


- Papers will only be published in English.
- Each typescript must be accompanied by a statement that it has not been submitted for publication elsewhere in English.
- Previous presentation at a conference, or publication in another language, should be disclosed.
- All papers are refereed, and the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to refuse any typescript, whether on invitation or otherwise, and to make suggestions and/or modifications before publication.

Typescripts which have been accepted become the property of RNIS. It is a condition of acceptance that copyright shall be vested in RNIS.

Publication and Review Information

- Publication : Biannually (Apr. 30, Oct. 31, 2 times in a year)
- Review : 4-6 weeks, by 3-4 reviewers

RNIS is peer reviewed international journals by 5 reviewers(1 managing editor(prescreening), 1-2 editors(general review), 1 invited reviewers and 3 recommended reviewers(general review)) and every review process is controlled strictly according to the journal's guideline.